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All my blades are handmade in my own shop/forge and are one-of-a-kind in some aspect. I strive to make each weapon perfect and unique. I am a U. S. Navy veteran and my inspiration comes from military, history, Greek and Norse mythology, and of course from my favorite fiction novels.

We can make a custom piece for you. Most of our best work has been custom ordered. Working with customers’ ideas can push us in directions we have never thought of and open new areas to explore!

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Katana Featured In BLADE Magazine

Warcrown Forge Justin Burton's Katana Blade was featured in BLADE Magazine.

New WarCrown 5 Burner Forge For Bigger Better Weapons

Holy Cow my new forge came in!!! Woot Woot 5 Burners 32" long internal chamber with a side opening door for those awkward pieces. Beyond stoked to have this and start making some big weapons.. Finally lol... Thank you, everyone, who have bought knives from WarCrown...

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Welcome to the new WarCrown Forge website. Check our shop page for new forged knives.

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Forging a Recurve Harpoon Bowie Knife

Taking a piece of leaf spring to forge a big Bowie Recurve Chopper
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